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Lifting Slings

Wessex Rope and Packaging are the leading suppliers of lifting slings. We provide our customers with the highest quality lifting and load securing products in the industry. Whilst offering a large range of synthetic heavy lifting products including round and flat slings. We carry a huge range of slings in stock but we can also produce bespoke slings made to you own specification.

Round Slings

Round slings provide superior flexibility and can be configured to irregular loads. These slings are made from polyester and have a very low weight-to-strength ratio in comparison to the traditional chain and wire options. 

  • We can supply round slings ranging from 1T to 10T
  • Our slings have a safety factor of 7:1
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Superior weave construction ensures long life of product
  • Available with a choice of wearsleeves for added protection at the load point(s)
  • Manufactured as standard according to EN1492-2. If you would like your lifting sling to be manufactured to other specifications please contact us

The round sling is our most versatile lifting sling as they feature high tenacity polyester fibres (PES) which are protected by a durable sleeve made of single ply polyester tubing.

Flat Slings

Our own weaving facility on site gives us the ability to design and manufacture flat slings varying from 1T to 50T. We manufacture our lifting slings from 100% polyester fibres (PES), covering sling types; single, duplex, endless and quadplex constructions. Our flat slings are a more versatile solution than substitute products such as wire rope or chain options.

  • Flat slings up to 50T (quads) safety factor 7:1
  • Woven from high tenacity polyester (PES) yarn
  • Stripe denotes SWL
  • Easy identification with colour codes and ID markers
  • Off the shelf product available up to 6T (standard)
  • Custom made lifting solutions for non-standard applications
  • Available with a choice of wear sleeves for added protection at the load point(s)
  • In accordance to EN1492-1

For special applications, We can also offer custom made solutions.

Due to the complex nature of these products we prefer to discuss your requirements before processing any orders. Please call us on 01202 661066 to discuss your requirements.

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