About Wessex Rope & Packaging

Wessex Rope and Packaging was started in 1989, by Mark Worley The Company has grown under his leadership, and Wessex Rope now own and occupy an 8500 sq foot unit complete with two yards in our own compound. This move in January 2013 has enabled us to enlarge our stock, and increase our purchasing power We are now able to offer the best prices around, and will not to be beaten on any sensible price. In particular Decking Rope, and Ratchet Straps.

We were delighted to help Love Your Garden, the ITV program with Alan Titchmarsh. We contributed the decking rope to new garden design in July 2015 for a well deserving young family, in Duntish near Dorchester. Check out the photos and see the design, both here on our site and on the Love Your Garden web site.

Here at Wessex Rope and Packaging Limited, we specialise in the manufacture of all kinds of webbing straps. If you are after ratchet straps, cargo straps, lashing straps, tie down straps - heavy duty or lightweight. 50mm 35mm or 25mm. Ratchet assemblies, cam assemblies or load binders. We can make with standard handles, short narrow handles or even ergo handles. You name it, we can make it. All manufactured here in Poole, with modern computerised sewing machines. All webbing is heat cut, so the ends are sealed, no fraying can occur.

Trade Enquiries are more than welcome. Please send an e-mail straight to the man at the top mark@wessexrope.co.uk or give one of our friendly sales team a call with your requirements.

Decking Rope Poly Hemp Hempex Thick Rope Thin Rope Gardening Rope Hobby Craft

Are you after decking rope for your garden? Want to buy rope for decorative reasons? Garden and decking rope is readily available in Poly hemp, sometimes known as Hempex rope, or even Hemp. We have the finest quality Poly Hemp decking rope, we also have all kinds of sisal and Manilla. Thick rope from 36mm down to the smallest 6mm. This manmade fibre rope is excellent for use inside or outside. Soft to the touch, and no splinters. Does not rot or shrink. What else could you ask for? A decent gardener perhaps! Poly Hemp has so many uses around the garden, and not just for decking. It can be used for your climbing plants and roses. You can use it for decorative hobby craft. Around the outside of your mirror maybe. You can have the ends spliced and made into decorative knots. (This is not a service we offer, sorry)


  • Soft
  • Does not shrink
  • Does not rot
  • UV Resistant
  • No Splinters
  • Natural Colour


  • Camping
  • Timber Decking
  • Kids Play
  • Ornamental - Inside and Out Garden or lounge.
  • Stairs
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Equine


  • Rope Curtain Tie Backs
  • Coaster
  • Sandals & Flip Flops Its called Up Cycling!
  • Ceiling Clothes Dryer
  • Rope Vases
  • Hemp Fruit Basket

And so the list goes on, there are some fantastic ideas out there on the World Wide Web if you are arty, or need some inspiration. Just come to Wessex Rope for the Polyhemp. Inside it can be used as a balustrade; it is soft to the touch and does not have splinters.

Blue Polypropylene Commercial Quality Builders Electricians DIY

Are you after a cheaper rope? We sell all widths of blue commercial quality polypropylene rope, in small 15meter mini coils up to 500meter reels, depending on diameter. Check out all the uses.

All Polypropylene rope is synthetic, it is perfect for use around water as it doesnt rot, or shrink, and it is also resistant to mildew. Perfect for Fishermen, lobster pots, or repairing netting. Be careful when handling though, as it can have splinters and when it is stretched, it has no elasticity, so will not return to its original size.


  • Does not rot, or shrink.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost
  • Floats

Common Uses

  • Marine Applications
  • Buoy Moorings
  • Draw Cord for Electricians
  • Tarpaulin
  • Agriculture